Gin Stephens lives in Augusta, Georgia, where she has been following an intermittent fasting lifestyle consistently since 2014. Gin earned a Doctor of Education degree in Gifted and Talented Education from Northcentral University in 2009, an Interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in Natural Sciences from the University of South Carolina in 1997, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Wake Forest University in 1990. Gin has been teaching elementary school for 27 years, most recently as an elementary gifted specialist. In addition, she works as an adjunct instructor at two online universities.

Gin discovered intermittent fasting in 2009 and practiced it VERY intermittently: so intermittently, in fact, that she found herself topping the scale at 210 pounds in 2014. After returning from a family vacation, Gin looked at all of the photos from the trip and couldn’t believe what those pictures showed: an obese woman whose health was getting worse and worse every year. At that moment, Gin decided it was time to take back her health once and for all. She went on to lose over 80 pounds, and she has been maintaining her loss since 2015.​

As a part of her journey, Gin founded an intermittent fasting Facebook support group, One Meal A Day IF Lifestyle, in 2015, and the group membership has grown to thousands over the years. Gin enjoys mentoring others as they travel on their own journeys to weight loss and improved health through intermittent fasting.

Because of the work with the Facebook group, Gin was inspired to write a book about intermittent fasting to share what she has learned over the years with a wider audience. Gin self-published Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle in early 2017, which has reached readers on six continents.

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